Consulting Services

Functional expertise combined with the essential industry know-how, deep insights into the specific framework conditions and the necessary entrepreneurial experiences achieve excellent results. Based on in-depth analyses from a wide array of perspectives, we create real, long-term added value thanks to implementable concepts.


Consulting Solutions

Consulting, Implementation, Optimization

Through our expertise and specialist know-how we support you in specific situations, develop individual solutions together with you and ensure a sustainable implementation of the same.

Manage the successful turnaround

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Identify potential with technology-driven restructuring to position your company for long-term success


Stabilize your supply chain


Create transparency throughout the supply chain, get it back on track and reduce future risks


Successfully safeguard your series ramp-up


Start serial production as planned and react flexibly to unforeseeable changes




Strategy &
Corporate Management
Company &
Process Organization
Innovation Management and
Research & Development
Programm- &
Project Management

Entrepreneurial thinking and behavior is what characterizes Hanselmann & Compagnie’s DNA. Mastering strategic challenges, proactively responding to changed market conditions and designing new, innovative strategies – no matter whether you’re active in a matured or rapidly growing industry – these are the core fields of our consulting expertise.

For this purpose, we analyze all relevant aspects of your business activity. We conduct a holistic comparison of strategy, processes, resources and organization to unfold your company’s full potential and to ensure sustainable value creation work. We shape new business models and, in particular, the strategic implementation.

Our competencies include:

  • Strategic (re-) alignment and strategy implementation
  • Definition of business field and product portfolio strategies
  • Implementation of management principles on the basis of balance sheet, profit & loss and organizational structure
  • General management roadmap to align all corporate functions to one target vision
  • Technological and commercial due diligence as well as PMI

The management of accelerating change calls for robust, sustainable and adaptable structures and processes. Based on the objectives and strategies defined, we determine effective organizational structures together with you to successfully anchor the business model in the market and to act competitively. By focusing on core competencies, a consistent value chain and the lowest possible organizational complexity, we create competitive, lean and sustainable processes.

Our competencies include:

  • Reorganizing and realigning corporate structures and business processes
  • Designing and optimizing a comprehensive process model (VDA- / IATF16949-compliant)
  • Shaping the organization and processes with overviews of tasks, competencies and responsibilities, process descriptions, KPIs in the sub-processes, etc.
  • Integration of tool chains and consistent use of benchmark applications in direct and indirect processes
  • Setup of a project management organization and implementation of project management methods
  • Optimizing indirect processes/ structures (especially controlling, procurement, etc.)

Innovation management is the key to success in order to keep up with the continually increasing competitive pressure and to safeguard the own market position. In today’s intensively competitive world, with ever faster and faster development cycles, innovation management and R&D competence are now what decide on companies’ future sustainability and viability more than ever before.

We align your organization for you in an innovation-focused way according to your individual requirements. Alongside the shaping of strategies and processes, our range of services also provides you with operational support in managing the product portfolio and product creation.

Our competencies include:

  • Innovation strategies and processes
  • Shaping of product creation/development processes
  • Target costing of products, systems, components
  • Application of R&D methods (QFD, FMEA, etc.)
  • Introducing/designing the concept of level of maturity methods
  • Key performance indicator-based product creation/development

Competitive product costs, high quality and short response times are key factors for a company’s success. Achievement of operational excellence and the creation of more effective and more efficient processes characterize the target vision to gain and sustain a cutting edge over competitors.


On the one hand, the growing number of customer requirements must be met and individualization of products must be driven forward. On the other hand, this must still remain compatible with a simultaneous reduction of operative costs along the value creation chain.

Our competencies and services include:

  • Developing production strategies and structuring the production network (industrial footprint)
  • Evaluating and boosting productivity of production areas and plants, incl. personnel and capacity planning
  • Conducting value stream mapping, bottleneck analyses and optimizing production through value stream design
  • Enhancing the material flow in production and the adjacent areas
  • Introducing lean production systems, including concept design and implementation of 5S initiatives, TPM, etc.

Project and program management is one of our main core competencies. We support the management of more complex projects right from the start through to the successful completion. To ensure efficient project management, we install stringent, need-based reporting and decision-making processes, a key performance indicator system and all tools needed for efficient, sustainable controlling of measures/action plans.


Project work is marked by a highly complex network of target systems and processes. We are able to prioritize quickly and correctly, and can identify the critical path – because we want to and can understand the details.


Our competencies include:

  • Planning, controlling and managing development projects (vehicles, components, E/E, etc.), reorganization and optimization projects
  • Setting up complete project offices and taking over management tasks in the scope of interim management
  • Assuming a high level of responsibility, as project manager or project leader on the client’s side, consistently on site
  • Training project management methods