Companies must continually adapt their processes and products to a constantly changing competitive landscape in order to secure their profitability. This market-inherent rule is reinforced by mega trends like disruptive technologies, mass customization (″batch size 1″), sustainable use of resources, the shift in value creation and isolation of markets. As a result, companies are moving in troubled waters – restructuring programs are the consequence.

A rapid program breakdown with clear-cut responsibilities is needed for successful restructuring. Methods to generate cost and revenue potentials, streamlined decision-making and intelligence processes as well as the sustainable implementation of the decisions and potentials contribute to safeguarding corporate success.

We support you on-site with our mix of technology, process and methodological expertise individually tailored to your initial situation and together, we find the right levers and solutions for your successful turnaround.

Your challenge in the event of restructuring:
  • Ratio of tension between short-term profitability and long-term innovative strength
  • Identification of the ″right″ levers for sustainable corporate success
  • Increased influence of internal/external company stakeholders
  • Organizational imbalances in the company (silo mentality)
  • Lack of process stability with an impact on quality and output quantity
  • Change in mindset from reactive to proactive
Our solution for your sustainable corporate success:

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  • Analyze the initial situation to determine potential & to plan the individual approach
  • Implement a clear structure for responsibilities and the project including stakeholder-aligned communication
  • Ensure short-term liquidity together with subject matter experts
  • Identify and implement technology-driven improvement potentials based on the product
  • Streamline the product portfolio in the inventory and optimize new product development
  • Identify and improve critical process flows and implement the right tracking instruments
  • Enhance performance of the various organizational units (development, production, sales/after-sales, administration) by optimizing specific key performance indicators
  • Ensure transparency of project success through a management-aligned BI environment
We support you during your restructuring phase like this:

Our hands-on mentality

  • analyze initial situation
  • identify potentials
  • make decisions
  • implement decisions, and
  • create transparency over results

is comprehensively and selectively supplemented in the relevant phases with the use of tried and proven methods and tools.

Your benefits:

We support you in all processes that are key for a successful, technology-driven restructuring and jointly identify potentials to position your company for long-term success. Together, we secure your entrepreneurial goals and also make sure that you’re ideally prepared for future challenges with our sustainable solutions.

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