Intelligent recovery Management in your supply chain

Bottlenecks in your supply chains can lead to devasting losses of production with today’s just-in-time logistics strategy, in turn also jeopardizing your promises to deliver to customers. In order to keep your own production and that of your customers up and running during times of crisis, it’s necessary to keep a close eye on the supply chain in a transparent and continuous way and ward off further risks by taking radical measures.

With our experience in crisis & recovery management, we offer you a proven service by experts combined with a scalable, digital solution for an organized and rapid restart and the stabilization of your supply chains.

Read on here to find out how we helped a supplier get his supply chain back on track:

What is important for you:
  • Reduce production backlog or bottlenecks in your supply chain as quickly as possible
  • Get maximum transparency over your supply chains and the condition of your components at all times
  • Implement targeted measures, analyze and eliminate bottlenecks and delays
  • Measure the results by using meaningful key performance indicators
  • Respond in an agile and forward-looking way to changes in framework conditions, which then enables you to optimize your production planning and manufacturing processes in this exceptional situation
  • Improve processes and communication between production and logistics, with customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders
Our solution for your speedy success:

Our partner in the digital eco system

  • Implementation of a control station with experienced experts to coordinate all activities and consolidate the information flows
  • Scalable, digital support: plug & play installation with autarkic trackers and sensors for the digital determination of position and condition – without interfering in sensitive company networks
  • Use of preconfigured hardware and web-based real-time dashboards to be able to assess the situation on an ad-hoc, transparent basis and take quick measures
  • Dynamic forecasting within the whole supply chain to optimally use own in-house production and reliably ensure delivery to customers
  • Consolidation of data from relevant divisions (production, controlling, enterprise resource planning, finance, human resources, logistics) and processing for decision-making bases
  • Use of interactive dashboards with agile infographics and informative reports on the basis of up-to-the-minute key performance indicators and allocation data: within the corporate campus or regionally and globally
Put special focus on this during implementation:

Everything from a single source through one partner, Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH. You’ll get the concept design, implementation and operations based on experienced recovery management and leading technologies as a comprehensive service: efficient, fast and focused. Ideal when swift reaction is required and time is running short.

Your benefits:

Thanks to urgent measures, you safeguard your entrepreneurial goals and customer promises. You ideally adapt your product and logistics to the exceptional situation, bring the company back to regular, normal operations as soon as possible and minimize future risks.

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