A combination of excellent consulting know-how and digital expertise on the part of our partners promises immense added value in business, production, and development processes. We will advance your company’s digital transformation in solid ecosystems near the value-added process, with a focus on our customers’ DNA.


Digital concepts

Consulting, control and Optimization

The process-oriented and data-oriented optimization of corporate procedures plays a decisive role in determining whether you are able to capitalize on digital value contributions in the process. We will provide you with focused answers to questions that are of interest to you in the age of digital transformation:

Use your data.


Make well-founded decisions quickly and develop future-proof strategies for your company.


Optimize your production.


Monitor, document, and plan manufacturing processes better with digital shop floor management.


Accelerate your processes.


Optimize customer journey and supply chain based on digital processes and reach your corporate goals sustainably.


our partners in the digital ecosystem

Together with leading technology and solution partners, we will make a digital ecosystem available to you, offering you great implementation competence that can help you tackle your corporate challenges. For specific tasks and the given customer situation, Hanselmann & Compagnie recommends to you the partner who will enable you to integrate the best possible digital solutions into the process.

Deutsche Telekom
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Efficiently design process improvements, manage complexity, and reduce costs

Process design and optimization is one of Hanselmann & Compagnie’s central areas of competence. Specific applications range from the introducing new processes in conjunction with digital changes to optimizing existing complex process landscapes within businesses, and the scope ranges from large initiatives throughout an entire business unit to small, tactical process improvements in individual departments. Process optimization helps businesses improve productivity, save time, and improve the experience of customers and users.

Hanselmann & Compagnie helps you capture the full potential of your business processes

Hanselmann & Compagnie does this with Signavio Business Transformation Suite, which creates a central knowledge base combining employee knowledge with valid process data and procedures. This enables you to improve your processes, accelerate process mapping, and implement processes more efficiently.

Signavio Collaboration Hub – The central knowledge base for the entire organization

  • Merged, pooled corporate process Knowledge
  • Quick location of and direct access to information in the data stock
  • Simple cross-team collaboration and communication

Signavio Process Manager – Software for collaborative process management

  • Intuitive, collaborative design, simulation, and improvement of business processes (according to BMPN 2.0)
  • Visualizes your customer journey in conjunction with your processes

Signavio Workflow Accelerator – Technology for fast process

  • Transforms process models into standardized workflows in minutes
  • Innovative dashboards, integrated forms, automatic e-mail reminders and task escalations, reporting function


About Signavio

Signavio is a provider of cloud-based software for business process management (BPM). Founded in Berlin in 2009, Signavio has branches in places such as Silicon Valley and Singapore and maintains a global customer network. Signavio Business Transformation Suite allows detailed process analysis and optimization, reduces complexity, and assists in the efficient digital implementation of procedures.

Information made available intelligently throughout the company in a 360-degree view.

Hanselmann & Compagnie can bring about the end of information silos in your business and fundamentally improve the way in which users in your company handle information. Based on previously optimized processes, Hanselmann & Compagnie will use the M-Files smart information platform to apply a 360-degree view to all information in your company.

Hanselmann & Compagnie thus does away with the barriers between data sources and business applications.

Whether from unstructured documents or structured application data, information is provided to users in the right context – regardless of storage location or management system. This greatly increases transparency for users and management alike, and because the process is largely automated, costs and effort drop significantly. Specifically, documents and other unstructured content are processed to this end with specially developed AI technologies such as text analysis, natural language processing, natural language understanding, and image analysis.

Use of the M-Files platform in the digital ecosystem:

  • Integrate any data sources without migration and develop them intelligently.
  • Implement digital business processes intelligently
  • Agile, comprehensive access to documents and information can be granted throughout the company
  • Internal and external integration in applications and value-added chains
  • Legally watertight digital archives, digital files
  • Dynamic personnel, contract, and quality management, systems and product files, and invoice receipt processes

Hanselmann & Compagnie uses M-Files to greatly improve performance in your business and organization by improving process organization and making relevant information much easier to find and use.

About M-Files

M-Files is the next-generation software platform for intelligent information management. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries use M-Files to manage their information and processes.

Comprehensively networked digital applications with IoT

To optimize production and logistics processes, Hanselmann & Compagnie uses the digital technologies and integration expertise of Deutsche Telekom. This pays off in the form of reduced costs, material consumption, and downtimes. At the same time, it generates new implementation potential in the form of shorter throughput times, adjusted and smaller lot sizes, secure processes, and high quality.

Identify and analyze what is happening in your production processes


We make especially frequent use of Deutsche Telekom IoT systems in conceptualizing monitored processes that can be controlled in an agile manner. The congruent data is aggregated directly in real time from processes, systems, and procedures. We can use it to implement digital processes and measures on the basis of secure, highly available, flexibly deployable sensor devices and networks.


Our partner Deutsche Telekom supports us in many ways, such as with


  • The coupling of IoT/CoT devices and sensors with components from the manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Machine connection (M2M)
  • Efficient digital systems for tracking and tracing of parts and components
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automated control
  • Integration of mobile terminal devices
  • Logistics solutions


About Deutsche Telekom


Deutsche Telekom is a global leader in the provision of digital technologies, especially for internet of things (IoT) applications. As the largest system integrator in Germany, our partner also allows worldwide connection of data-based and network-based IoT solutions hosted in a highly secure cloud.





Global business intelligence (BI) solutions

To increase the significant potential of your data and transform it into true added value, Hanselmann & Compagnie counts on business intelligence (BI) solutions for data visualization and business analysis from TIBCO. Data from such sources as IoT, databases, data lakes, and other business applications are analyzed, in real time if necessary, allowing continuous process and cost optimization.

Decision-makers can detect the advantages of data monetization in combination with data visualization or data storytelling and grapple with the associated issues. This allows them not only to make valid decisions at any time, but also to secure cost and competitive advantages for your business. This provides tangible benefit, since it secures your company's sustainability.

End-to-end conceptualization

To meet your requirements of a meaningful, comprehensive data strategy, we will give you a thoroughgoing end-to-end conceptualization with an interdisciplinary orientation across all departments, based on TIBCO.

Together with our partner TIBCO, we focus on the user experience and on value contributions, giving special attention to the following success factors:

  • Integration of the right data sources
  • Data quality and relevance
  • Agile, integrative IT environment
  • Involvement of specialist departments with expertise
  • Trained users/power users for self-service BI
  • Aggregated data, parameters, and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Definition and prioritization of relevant KPIs
  • Regular or real-time use
  • Interdisciplinary, scalable orientation


TIBCO is a global leader in the provision of outstanding business intelligence solutions that support companies in pushing forward performance improvement, innovation, and added value. TIBCO’s solutions address all departments and levels and offer the most scalable industry-wide software solutions for data management and analysis.

We support you in optimizing your business processes and resources to strengthen your competitive position and ensure the future viability of your company. To do this, we rely on the ERP solution from proALPHA, which was designed specifically for the needs of medium-sized businesses.

Hanselmann & Compagnie helps you to set up future-proof business processes

Before an ERP solution is implemented, we analyze your existing processes, identify optimization potential, and efficiently align business processes. Based on this, we ensure the optimal adaptation of the ERP software to the new process landscape. As independent consultants project managers oriented towards value enhancement, we take your point of view.

Make the whole company more productive

The business software by proALPHA is an industry-specific, hands-on solution for SMEs that grows with your requirements. With the ERP solution from pro ALPHA, we help you to

  • To map all business processes digitally without any interruption – from production to financial accounting, from purchasing to service.
  • To have a consistent data flow not only within the company but also beyond with partners, customers and between systems.
  • To implement optimized and automated processes to reduce administrative work and processing times and increase the quality of processes.
  • Benefit from more effective company control: a seamless, transparent flow of information ensures efficient processes.

About proALPHA

For around three decades, proALPHA has been the digital sparring partner for small and medium-sized businesses at 56 locations around the globe. For more than 8,200 customers – from the manufacturing industry, wholesale, and other sectors – the powerful ERP core and add-on solutions from proALPHA and its partners form the digital backbone of their entire value chain, ensuring intelligent interconnection and efficient control of all business-critical systems and core processes.



Cross-industry implementation competence for digital transformation

To successfully achieve your business goals, implementation quality must be your priority. Here, Hanselmann & Compagnie relies on Proventa. This is because it is only smooth interplay of digital technologies that will provide optimized use of resources, fundamental acceleration of processes, meaningful real-time analysis for preventive measures, continuous risk minimization, and the desired sustainable reduction of costs.

Thoroughgoing digital concepts, efficiently and systematically implemented

We involve our partner, Proventa, in our digital ecosystem in such areas as the following:
















  • Business intelligence implementation
  • Database and application integration and implementation
  • Data management applications
  • Visualization tasks
  • Process optimization and automation
  • Structured IT implementation with agile Methods









































































































Focus on implementation quality
















To be ready for developments on the market, it is important to become very agile. To do this, work methods, processes, and management must be adjusted. The implementation of a robust, thoroughgoing digital end-to-end solution requires special competences. Proventa’s IT solutions, which are systematically oriented on the process with a focus on data consistency, user-friendliness, and application integration, ensure that you have a functional, accepted digital solution.
















About Proventa














































Proventa is an experienced IT service provider with great implementation expertise in leading IT technologies and digital transformation. Proventa compbines IT services and years of technology expertise to ensure cost-effective implementation. This takes into account all stakeholders, such as management and specialist departments, and generates a best-practice result.
















Efficiency and quality increases with digital management of the manufacturing environment

Hanselmann & Compagnie deploys its consulting expertise to systematically optimize processes in manufacture. The use of Solunio’s digital solution for analysis, visualization, and monitoring of manufacture and production can decisively enhance process efficiency and reliability, making it future-proof.

Production-relevant data forms the foundation for customer-specific solutions

Based on systematically collected and optimized procedures and processes, Hanselmann & Compagnie uses Solunio’s digital technology to compile production-relevant data and applications at a central point. Thoroughgoing configurability in the areas of data integration, preparation, and visualization allows manufacture to adapt to constantly changing requirements in the system landscape, to automate processes, and to work through current tasks systematically. This also forms the basis for the operational day-to-day production routine.

Dynamic data management in production:

  • Real-time production process monitoring such as OEE analysis and current state/target state comparisons
  • Quick implementation of measures and measurement of results
  • Transparency for the entire team and management: dashboards with continuously updated information and performance indicators
  • Structured procedures for meetings in the production environment such as
  • Shift handover, quality meetings, and lean meetings
  • Sustainable improvement of machinery and personnel resource capacity usage
  • Mobile access from the road

About Solunio:

Solunio is specialized in digital shop floor management for a number of customers in the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and automotive industries. Its data-driven software technology forms the basis for greatly enhancing the efficiency and reliability of processes and procedures. Solunio’s core competence is software development that provides users the greatest possible utility with software-supported production process optimization.

Create digital added value for machines and processes in a very short time

Hanselmann & Compagnie relies on the advantages of a pre-configured IIoT platform that allows your processes and machines to be networked digitally. Grenzebach Digital’s out-of-the-box platform, SERICY, allows digitalization projects to be implemented within a few weeks. The innovative development environment offers limitless opportunities for expanding adjustment to all individual and future requirements. You retain complete sovereignty over internal corporate processes and data and need not disclose any proprietary knowledge. .

Focus on medium-sized companies in mechanical engineering and manufacture.

With the SERICY digitalization platform, Hanselmann & Compagnie focuses systematically on the requirements of mechanical engineers and medium-sized manufacturing companies. This provides the customer with specific benefits for his machines and manufacturing processes:

  • Implementation of digital added value for machines and processes in a very short time
  • Modular platforms with software components that can be used immediately and freely combined
  • Can be flexibly scaled, adapted, and expanded for each machine and process
  • Simple integration of existing and future systems and processes
  • Roll-out and updates can be implemented without production downtimes
  • Protected environment: valuable process expertise remains in the company

About Grenzebach Digital:

Grenzebach Digital GmbH is a highly specialized IT partner that provides digitalization support to businesses engaged in manufacture and mechanical engineering. It is a subsidiary of the Grenzebach Group, which is active worldwide, and has access to the expertise of a high-tech group of companies whose automation solutions make it the technology leader in many markets all over the world. Grenzebach Digital GmbH supports its customers from consulting to project implementation, and its SERICY digitalization platform makes it a development pioneer for specific IIoT solutions for mid-sized companies.

SERICY has been systematically developed for the requirements of mechanical engineers and medium-sized manufacturing companies and has specific advantages to offer your business. .

  • Out-of-the-box digitalization
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Easy development of new business models
    Reduced time-to-market
  • Maximum investment security creation
    Productivity and efficiency enhancement
    Improved quality
  • Reduced maintenance and development costs
    Enhanced security

Use digital process analysis to identify optimization potential

Process analysis using process mining identifies the actual processes and the challenges and optimization potential faster and better. Hanselmann & Compagnie ensures that the processes are integrated into your company and are executed in a manner that meets compliance requirements. We will work together to shape a cost-efficient, resource-efficient process landscape for your future.


Make processes transparent and identify weak points

We involve our partner Celonis in our digital ecosystem primarily for process analysis using process mining. The close collaboration allows us to jointly offer the following services:

  • Analysis of analog and digital processes
  • Roadmap creation
  • Process optimization
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Identification of deviations of the process' current states from targets

Hanselmann & Compagnie uses the process intelligence application from Celonis to map digital processes quickly and realistically and find potential weak points. Based on this analysis, we can identify optimization potential and prepare the right decisions.

About Celonis

Celonis is a market leader in the area of Enterprise Performance Acceleration software. Process mining technology helps your company eliminate operational friction losses. All over the world, leading companies rely on Celonis to push forward their transformations. Celonis’ process mining technology turns corporate processes into extraordinary experiences and reduces costs by millions.