THIS IS THE WAY TO GO: analog TO digital

Imagine that you could access manufacturing data whenever you wanted without disrupting production in your existing plants. This data would enable you to better control, document, and plan manufacturing processes. Efficient-Shop-Floor-as-a-Service: With the right partner to help you, you can engage in digital transformation even if your personnel and investment resources are limited.

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What matters to you:
  • Receive a quick overview
  • Analyze comprehensive information
  • Make clear, forward-looking decisions before crises occur
  • Implement measures systematically
  • Enjoy more transparency with respect to your machines’ production performance
  • Increase your output
  • Expand your business model with additional applications
  • Focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, sales volume, and product and service quality
  • Develop new markets and generate additional revenue
  • Improve processes and communication in production, IT, and software development and with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • If desired, use an efficient complete service
These success factors are essential:
  • Integration of the right internal and external data sources
  • Data from production, enterprise resource planning, personnel, and logistics
  • Interactive dashboards, agile infographics, and informative reports
  • High data quality and relevance
  • Agile, integrative IT environment
  • Basic and ongoing training for users, including expertise transfer
  • Meaningful parameters and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Definition and prioritization of KPIs
  • Agile, ad-hoc derivation of measures
  • Current insights and a health check on the status of production
  • Real-time use and interdisciplinary, scalable orientation
  • Apps, specialist portals, and mobile use
What we provide during implementation

Everything from a single source, from a strong partner: Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH digital. You get conceptual design, introduction, and operation on the basis of leading shop floor technologies as a comprehensive service: efficient, quick, and focused.

Your benefits:

Efficient manufacture in your company is the decisive fuel for the future development of your business. Increase your competitiveness and lead your business to an agile, successful future.

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