THIS is the way to go: ANALOG to DIGITAL.

The efficient definition, optimization, control, and automation of company-wide production and business processes will decide the future of your business. Define the optimum customer journey and supply chain based on digital processes, and accelerate your entire value-added chain. This is how you can reach your corporate goals sustainably.

Intelligent-Processes-as-a-Service (IPaaS): Find out how to set up your process landscape optimally, even if your own resources are limited:

What matters to you:
  • Achieve great customer satisfaction along the customer journey
  • Offer exceptional attractiveness to your suppliers along the supply chain
  • Lead your industry with extremely high returns thanks to process efficiency
  • React to changing market conditions with agile processes
  • Receive outstanding ratings from stakeholders such as investors and institutes
  • Generate great employee satisfaction and attractiveness as an employer
  • Secure competitive advantages such as cost and efficiency leadership, quick throughputs, and high quality
  • If desired, use an efficient complete service
These success factors are essential:
  • The use of cutting-edge, pioneering digital technologies
  • Integration of the expert knowledge resident in the specialist departments
  • Efficient team cooperation
  • Stable integration of business, production, and IT applications
  • A well-founded analysis of the company-wide process landscape
  • Precise analysis and elimination of bottlenecks and delays
  • Clear recommendations for quick, ad-hoc improvement and final optimization
  • Automation of high-volume processes that reduce time and costs
  • Design of individual processes according to proven methods (BPMN 2.0)
  • Secure encryption and archiving of information, data, and documents in an audit-capable, tamper-proof form
  • Clearly defined processes with certification, access privileges, and data protection
  • Audit-capable quality management for securing product and service quality
What we provide during implementation:

Everything from a single source, from a strong partner: Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH digital. You get conceptual design, introduction, and operation on the basis of leading technologies as a comprehensive service: efficient, quick, and focused. This is ideal when internal personnel and investment resources are limited.

Your benefits:

You achieve your corporate goals, such as sales volume, revenue, quality, return improvement, etc., with agile, efficient processes in business, production, and relationships with customers and suppliers. This secures sustainability for your business.

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