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Industry Expertise

Besides profound functional know-how, we offer our clients outstanding industry expertise, too. We focus on technology-driven industries that we know exceptionally well – automotive & suppliers, industrial goods & technology as well as mechanical & plant engineering.




Automotive & Suppliers
Industrial Goods & Technology
Machanical & Plant Engineering

Dynamics in vehicle development, the integration of E/E technologies from the consumer goods industry into the vehicle, new competitors, business models and new technologies pose enormous challenges for the automotive and supplier industry.

We are experienced car guys and each single day we tackle the jobs that focus on shorter development cycles, robustness in processes, growing variant diversity, new drive concepts and new organizational forms along the value chain.

We bring in our automotive know-how in complex problem definitions like the development and implementation of target visions/ objectives, growth strategies, efficiency programs, the integration of production technologies and very operationally in launches of components or systems.

On both the OEMs’ side as well as on the supplier’s side, we can draw on longstanding, broadly diversified and successful experience in the automotive industry. We support you in resolving current problems, in aligning your business in a future-proof way and in tapping your full potential.

We bundle our competencies and capabilities in the manufacturing industry in this industry cluster. These include the mass producers from the metal fittings industry, white goods and technology-intensive industries like electrical/electronics.

We have deep insights into these investment-intensive industries thanks to our high technological expertise in production precesses, automation and innovation. Global competition urgently calls for lean, efficient processes and structures, continuous work on costs and for consequent work on the business model.

Traditionally, mechanical and plant engineering is characterized by powerful cyclical developments, high acquisition expenses/ efforts for a whole plant and substantial investment activity in infrastructure. The transformation away from product business in favor of the service and operator/concessions business is leading to further pressure on the entire process chain.

The shift away from standard products to customer-specific applications with the maximum degree of technological innovation is forcing companies to continually question their operational processes and technology decisions and to align themselves to productivity.

We support our clients in designing platform and module strategies for complexity management, in choosing the right vertical range of manufacture and in efficiently integrating specialists and suppliers, too.

We pay attention to the liquidity situation through consistent inventory management; we optimize applications technologically and align the after-sales and spare parts business as a driver of the operating result.